*** Can you fix my broken pianola? ***

Yes, almost any pianola mechanism can be fixed. Its more a case of which type it is as some are more difficult than others (some brands were not intended to be repaired and need to be sawn apart to access inner parts) and require more time and cost to repair. Most pianolas still around today are of the normal repairable type.

Other complications for repairs are missing parts and severe corrosion, rot and borers.

As for the piano itself, almost anything can be repaired and rebuilt,
from basic tuning to major structural repairs and restringing.

*** How much does it cost to fix my pianola? ***

The pianola mechanism repair cost can vary from a basic service call of around $200 up to a full mechanism restoration starting around $5500. And of course part repairs are somewhere in the middle.

Repairs to the piano itself, including tuning, are extra and would need to be individually assessed on the present condition of the piano action and the intended result for the piano (eg. Are you a professional pianist or just bang out a few tunes for parties?)

*** How much is my pianola worth? ***

If you are trying to sell a pianola then it depends on the condition of the piano part, how well the player mechanism works and when it was last restored. Can vary from nothing to several thousand dollars. Some grands, rarer and original electric models can be worth a lot more.
Basically whatever you can get for it at the time…

Sentimental value can make pianolas priceless and there is nothing wrong with that! But remember its only priceless to the people with the attachment.

*** How long does it take to restore my complete pianola mechanism? ***

For a normal pedal upright about 3 weeks for the pianola mechanism.
Piano work / tuning can be done while the player action is out of the piano and the piano action is then easily accessible.

*** Do you give free quotes? ***

We can easily give rough guide estimates via email from pictures.

But if we come out to see the pianola there is a service call fee, which can be reduced if the pianola is totally unserviceable. A repair quote is always available

*** Do you know of other repairers out of your area? ***

Not personally but there is a list of repairers across Australia and New Zealand on the Pianola Roll Paradise website (on the link page)